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[Doctor Who fics]
Doctor Who when i descend into smut-land

And Then She Forgot - Ten/Donna WIP (backburner)
Donna has a hard time not remembering her life with the Doctor.  Only as soon as she remembers she forgets again.  I'm not sure if i'll ever finish this one.  Pretty sure it was meant to be a babyfic...

Blue Verse
Something Blue 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12? - Ten/Donna WIP
The Doctor and Donna visit a planet at random and stumble upon an agrarian/historical/scientific theme park!  What secrets will they uncover? R/NC-17 babyfic with >> fastforward trope.

Confluence Verse
Confluence of Fate 1 | 2 - Ten/Donna, Eleven/Donna, author created Doctor/Donna
Post End of Time Metacrisis fix-it crack. What exactly did the Doctor mean when he said that he was going “To get my reward”? Why was Wilf seeing that Woman, and how did the Doctor recognize her?  What happened to the Master when Gallifrey was banished?  The Doctor's interaction with the Noble family is far from over, in fact, it's about to get a lot more complicated. PG ~Time-tot fic
Confluence of Picnickers - Eleven/Donna, Amy/Rory
Fluffy one-shot sequel (parallel insert?) to Confluence of Fate. Eleven, Amy, and Rory run into Donna and Rosie. G Time-tot/kid fic

Petrichor Verse
Crimson Ten Delight Petrichor 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 - Ten/Donna
The Tardis crash lands in a rainforest. Per usual, the natives are suspicious...and misunderstood. And, because it's a porn battle, you just know that sparks are going to fly. alien sex R/NC-17
untitled Petrichor sequel - current WIP (unposted)
AU look at what would have happened in Stolen Earth had the Shadow Proclamation not taken as kindly to the Doctor's arrival and (you guessed it) alien sex/babyfic R/NC-17

Decrypting the Tardis Manual 1 | 2 | (abandoned)
Donna is still trying to figure out the most anomalous bloke she's ever met, the Doctor is merely stumbling upon his next adventure, and the Tardis, of course, has other ideas.  Partially gutted for another fic so it's' unlikely to be completed.

Denial - Ten/Donna WIP (backburner)
First couple of chapters complete.  The Doctor and Donna keep stumbling upon alien weddings.

Echo Verse
Echoes in the Library - Ten/Donna
Missing scene between the Doctor staring at River, all handcuffed up, and the "All right" exchange with Donna. PGish
Echoes on Stone 1 | 2 | 3 - Ten/Donna
The Doctor and Donna stumble upon an alien fertility festival and are forced to participate... or else. My take on the old cliché, which i never thought i'd do, but the last one i read irritated me to no end. So i'm diving into smut land with the forced sex story. Not only that, but it's alien!sex smut. R/NC-17
Echoes of a Stolen Journey 1 | 2 - WIP (backburner)

Friend Mine/Deep End - Ten/Donna WIP (abandoned?)
Has anyone ever seen Enemy Mine?  That might give you a general idea of what this will be about.  I'm not going to say yet. xD

Incubus Verse - Doctor/Donna(Romana IV), eventually Master/River (spoilers) WIP (backburner)
Incubus 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | anatomy | 9 | 10 | 10+ | 11 | 12
This is A/U, set post-Midnight, is not part of any of my other series, and is probably the result of an illness and drug-induced haze. Canon changes: the Master didn't age the Doctor with the Laser Screwdriver, and the Doctor isn't exactly asexual...but he hasn't exactly figured that out yet. Alien anatomy is obviously going to play a part in this story. R/NC-17 alien babyfic
Fighting a Fixed Point 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5
Incubus from Donna's point of view. R/NC-17 babyfic

Just a Kiss drabbles (semi-WIP, don't know if i'll ever get around to adding to this)
Jack | Rose | Reinette | Jackie | Martha | Joan | Astrid | Donna | Christina | Amy | River | Marilyn?
Just how powerful of a genetic transfer is a Time Lord's kiss? G/PG ~babyfic, crack

Slap - Eleven?/Donna WIP (backburner)
I'm not sure if i'll be finishing this one.  The general idea is that the Doctor likes it when he gets slapped.  I mean really likes it.  Might morph into an 11/Donna fic because it's not really working with 10...i keep picturing 11's console room while i'm writing this for some reason. R/NC-17

Supressing Envy
Super!Temp is just trying to get some work done!  Could be set before Runaway Bride, or between said episode and Partners in Crime or post Journey's End, anything works... except Dee. G

Unshed Tears and a Smile
What was going through Donna's mind when the Doctor ran to Rose in Stolen Earth? G

Where the Lines Overlap - Ten/Donna
One Paramore song and a prompt resulted in three drabbles written post-Journey's End. Donna can remember the Doctor while she dreams. PG-13

Whispered in the Night - angsty Ten/Donna, pre-50th anniversary, now AU
Ten and a certain female character mentioned in the End of Time (i don't want to give it away!) have a wedding night with mixed results. R/NC-17

reaction posts

[Star Trek Voyager fics]
Star Trek Voyager nothing above PG-13
9 Days ~ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | escape | birth - Janeway/Chakotay, Torres/Paris
Voyager's captain and crew are kidnapped. Will they be able to escape? And why is the Captain acting so strangely? (The first pregnancy/babyfic i ever wrote! There are post dates at the bottom of each page at my old website). Yes, i am reusing the same pregnancy trope in my Doctor Who fic Something Blue...only to an even more extreme level.)

I wrote this poem shortly after "The Raven" premiered.  "Annika" deals with Seven and her journey to become more human.

Best Captain
Which captain is the best?  Kirk vs. Picard vs. Sisko vs. Janeway.  My first fanfic...seriously. Yes this is the first fic i penned. I'm not exactly sure when but it was pre-2000, sometime between Fall 1995 and Fall 1999.

Commander - J/C
Janeway recruits Chakotay as her first officer:  My second episode addition (this time to "Caretaker").

If I Miss, I Get to be Captain - J/C, T/P
What happens when Chakotay actually does perform on a talent night.

J/C poems
A two-word poem and two haikus about the two characters who made one of the cutest couples in the universe.

My Gift to You
I wrote this poem the day after i saw "The Gift:"  my tribute to Kes/Jennifer Lien...whose character got destroyed in one of the worst ways imaginable.

My Husband with the Coffee Eyes - J/C, not NC-17
My second Drabble, a companion to "My Wife with the Champagne Shoulders."  Kathryn muses as she makes love with Chakotay about what she was missing when she always pushed him away.

My Wife with the Champagne Shoulders - J/C, not explicit
My first Drabble:  Chakotay adores Kathryn as they make love.

Not-So-Fair Haven - J/C
What should have happened in the episode "Fair Haven" (or so my teenage self thought).  A barfight, a confession, and... well, i can't tell you the whole story!  You have to read it for yourself.

Peeping Tom, Shroy Tuvok ~ Tom | Tuvok | Seven | Chakotay | the Doctor | Harry | B'Elanna | Neelix | Kathryn J/C, T/P, 7/D
After Janeway and Chakotay go on another ill-fated away mission, Chakotay tells Kathryn how he really feels.  Will Kathryn push him away more?  Or will she finally confess her love?  Each part is told from the unique perspective of a member of Voyager's senior staff.  Note: I was really proud of the format for this when i originally posted this. Every chapter is written in a different point of view, all the text and link colors corresponded to whose point of view the chapter was written in. Probably annoying buy i thought it was a good idea at the time. Check it out...


author: luinel
a Doctor Who "Magician's Apprentice"/"Witch's Familliar" episode addition/Perfect Sense review in the voice of Twelve (spoilers for both)
Disclaimer: Doctor Who and Perfect Sense belong to the BBC. Both of them make me cry (now and again).

Proprioception - perception governed by proprioceptors, as awareness of the position of one's body.

Humans are always so sure of themselves. They say that there are five senses, so of course there must be...Collapse )

Author's noteCollapse )

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slight changes

So i just went through all my lengthier Doctor Who fics and changed all the pwp ones to friends only. It was something i had been meaning to do for a long time, especially since i started working as a teacher of children. I just...wouldn't want my students' parents to stumble upon it and think that i'm a pervert unworthy of caring for their children. I don't know, i'm not taking it down, but it is very personal to me, i had to really put myself out there to post it, and LJ doesn't feel like a very safe place anymore.

I have been working on and off towards finishing up some of the more prominent WIPs and a sequel to one of my finished works. None of them are there yet but i haven't forgotten them entirely. Everyone once in a long while i will start typing away at one of them. I cannot promise that these will ever be finished, but i do want to finish them. I feel bad that i haven't, Incubus in particular. I really had plans for that one when i hit a sudden wall. Something Blue was kind of ended in an okay spot even though i had a little bit more story to tell.

This week i started on a Twelve/Missy fic that i have mixed feelings about. Ten/Donna are still one of my OTPs, but at this point i fully realize that they are past tense. The show goes on, the Doctor regenerates, and i have accepted that Moff is unlikely to fix Donna, and even if he did, she wouldn't travel in the Tardis again. The glorious days of Ten and Donna in the Tardis together are gone forever. That's part of why i started writing fic for this ship, after all.

I still love Doctor Who, probably even more than when it was Eleven and Amy running together, or Eleven and Clara. I'm surprised by how much i miss Amy and Rory, actually. But Missy...i have embraced wholeheartedly, as those who follow my tumblr fully know. I'm actually very excited about Doctor Who right now and hopefully will have time to write more in the near future. Hopefully.

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Missy lies

Come to think of it, there was a lot of lying going on in the last two episodes, but i am specifically focused on Missy's atm.Hey MissyCollapse )

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screw this

i need to go to the bathroom, i need to eat, i have to leave my room

i am so sick of all the drama in this house

like <3 etc.

Why does this site still not have them? Get with it!


I just watched like twelve episodes yesterday, the end of series 1 and what has aired of series 2.  And i can't wait for the last episode of series 2. And i think i slept from 7am to 3pm.  I'm just so insomnia but sick and i hate my life right now.  I hate feeling sick all of the time and i'm working 3 jobs and yay but i'm so tired and still can't support myself or get away from the insanity in this house.

I haven't really had anything to eat since 3am but i'm afraid to leave my room because shit is going down out there.  No violence, but yelling, and i think my brother is about to be put in public school because he refuses to obey my mom or do his schoolwork.  All he wants to do is play games on pc/ipod.  And i just hate going out there and being bombarded with the emotions.

Please vote for my sister...

She wrote an essay about wearing her generic Converse around the world and now she's trying to win a scholarship.

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[spoilers for Day of the Doctor]
In DotD the War Council mentions that the High Council have their own separate plans.  So EoT and DotD are happening at the same to the planet of Gallifrey.  The way time locks seem to work is that time is suspended/accelerated inside the bubble, nothing can get in or out.  The Tardis wiki only says time travel can't get in or out but in the Stolen Journey Daleks couldn't get into the Torchwood bubble and appeared to be frozen to Gwen and Ianto even though they were still existing and moving around inside of it.  In EoT the High Council is attempting to bring Gallifrey out of the time lock they created before they are destroyed by the Daleks.  So basically, the High Council was trying to run away but leave the Daleks in the time lock.  Ten stopped them from escaping in EoT because a) it would have destroyed Earth, and b) the Time Lords were insane and it would be a really bad idea to unleash them on the universe (look at the way Cass reacted to Eight in Night of the Doctor).

The way Ten used to talk about the time lock, it felt like Gallifrey hadn't ever ended, actually, as if the War was frozen in its last throes of mutual self-destruction and it would just repeat on a loop forever.  Even if the War Doctor had destroyed Gallifrey it must have happened after the Master and Ten stop their attempt to escape from the time lock.  Rassilon isn't trying to get out of a pocket universe, he doesn't know anything about what the War Council is doing at that point, and he can't be trying to bring Gallifrey out of a time lock if the planet is already destroyed.  Furthermore, he isn't trying to bring Gallifrey out at the same moment that it was put in (even though to him it can only seem as if the lock has been happening for mere days or hours), he's bringing it out decades after it originally went in and at a completely different part of space than where it already exists.  He's essentially turned Gallifrey into a huge Tardis somehow and is using the planet to travel through time and space simultaneously to get out of a bubble that has it sealed decades/centuries in the past (depending if you are judging this by a universe constant time or the Doctor's personal timeline).

If sending Gallifrey back into the time lock destroyed it then Ten would be responsible for the end of the Time War, not the War Doctor, so Nine's angst and claim that he killed them all would be a complete lie/fabrication and make no sense whatsoever.  Ten is sending them back to await their destruction at the hands of the Daleks (from the High Council's perspective) and War Doctor (from Ten's perspective).  Which as it turns out never happened, or did happen once but gets erased if you like to think of it that way, but i personally don't think it ever happened.  All Nine remembers after regenerating from the War Doctor is that he started to push the big red button, that's it.  The sad thing about Nine's anger and depression is that he never went through with the choice that he thought he did.  The irony of EoT is that Ten has already saved Gallifrey but forgotten about it.

So as it currently stands, Gallifrey is still existing in a pocket universe (assuming they can deal with the Daleks that were on the surface of the planet and still existed while it was pushed into the pocket).  Either Gallifrey never actually went anywhere while it was trying to get of the time lock or the Doctors waited until it was restored to the time lock to put it in the pocket universe.  But they Time Lords are still insane.  Or at the very least Rassilon is.

the 50th round 2

[More Spoilers]
I did like the anniversary special better on the big screen but really feel like John Hurt was created simply to stand in for Eccleston, and his Doctor was just tweaked a bit to make it work, which is a shame.  I wish that at the very end they would have actually used the surviving actors instead of poor stand-ins with rubbish CGI.  It looked horrible on TV, it looked even worse on a theater screen.

I have mixed feelings about Elizabeth.  It seemed like all of Ten's angst from the latter specials was missing, for one thing.  And that doesn't make sense to me really as it seems to be meant as an insert between Waters of Mars and End of Time.  In a way it would make more sense if placed between Planet of the Dead and Waters of Mars attitude wise.  And i can see that they were insinuating that Ten would go back to Elizabeth since there's a portrait of him and he's declared to be the Curator, etc.  They actually don't show why Liz 1 would want to behead him...they make it look more like she would just say that for a reaction, maybe to judge where he was in his timeline?  If he actually knew her maybe he would be "Haha, yeah right honey" instead of "What?!?"

I really don't understand what they're doing with Clara.  She feels like a stand in for River and still reminds me way too much of CAL.  It is very hard for me to believe that she's not a regeneration of River or the daughter of Eleven and River, it's just really hard.  I'm not comfortable with what they've done with her character, i'm not comfortable that Ten was kissing her hand after next to no interaction with her, and i am sick to death of Moff introducing new arcs while leaving old ones unresolved.  There's Jenny, the crack, reuniting Melody with the Ponds, clarifying Kovarian and the Silence, the Great Intelligence, what the heck Clara as the Impossible Girl means when she's doing things that Alex said River has done/is going to do, etc.  Moff has made a right mess of things and i don't like it.  He's making it very hard for me to keep watching the show.

I don't dissaprove of TPTB bringing back Gallifrey but i don't see how saving the planet and the kids helps anything.  Rassilon, the High Council, the War Council, the soldiers, we have been led to believe that they have gone insane and that there is nothing noble left in them.  Even if we do bring them out of their frozen moment and back into our space time won't they still be insane and not caring who gets hurt/in their way?  Furthermore, why couldn't the Moment actually be the thing that did that, who chose to hide Gallifrey away in a moment (oh wait, that's only her name)???  Sure, it was awesome to see all the Doctors, and isn't it convenient that all of them forgot it over and over and over...and over again, but: i just thought it would be nice if the Moment could figure out to use all her power for something other than destroying a galaxy.  Which, let's face it, is extremely ironic considering Rose's careless behavior in series 4.

Ugh, i hate not being able to just love the anniversary and feeling like it was too short, half baked, and somewhat cheated.

the 50th

[Spoilers]So i saw it, and no major complaints, i appreciated that Billie wasn't Rose, etc. But it was weird because i wasn't expecting it to be so heavily focused on Eleven. I know he's the current Doctor but it felt lopsided where i thought it would feel even. There didn't seem to be enough Ten in a way. I mean, i expected him to marry Elizabeth, but does he go back? He told Sigma that she was no longer a virgin but he doesn't seem to have gotten a honeymoon.

The odd thing is that i enjoyed The Five(ish) Doctor Reboot more. It had classic Doctors, even better humor, included people like Pertwee's son, Davison's kids, and the actress who played Lauren's BFF. Oh, and PJ and Sir Ian! I enjoyed it quite a lot. Was a bit surprised/confused by the Barrowman bit (they were insinuating that he's a closet straight person? lol) but it was hilarious hearing him singing away in the background constantly. McGann goes "missing", the trio plays Daleks and Zygons, DT forgets about Wilf being on the way, Georgia is pounding away the ice cream.  Sooooo funny.

Am i the only person who liked the shorter classic special better?  Maybe i'll like the anniversary better when i watch it tomorrow (er, later today) at the theater.

i'm not going to make it

I wrote/edited about 300 words on a fic yesterday. I was doing okay, feeling good about it, but had to stop to go to choir practice. I do not have time to write, and i hate it.

12285 / 50000 words. 25% done!

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such a busy weekend

I'm working one less day than usual this week, let's see if it helps.

10365 / 50000 words. 21% done!

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relative time

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